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    Need Help Expanding Your Business?

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     Our Virtual Assistants are here to the rescue!

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    How Can a Virtual Assistant Help You?

    We'll Help You Accomplish More & Juggle Less

    Email Management

    We'll organize your email, answer repetitive requests, provide email customer support, and highlight priority emails


    Anything you need research on we'll find relevant information for you


    Calendar Management

    We will help keep your calendar organized, schedule meetings, and set reminders.

    Data Entry

    Data entry can be very repetitive, sometimes time-consuming & usually not the best use of your time. Let us take on this task for you

    Appointment Setting

    We will help you to set appointments

    (whether for personal or business).

    Phone Calls

    The dreaded phone calls that you don't want to do will no longer be a problem for you. Our team of virtual assistants will make outbound calls to your clients, call your warm & cold leads, set up appointments, wait on hold & much more.

    Social Media

    We will manage your social media:

    • Post videos, images and create relevant page posts

    • Answer page messages, respond to comments, share page posts to groups, update page info

    To-Do List

    We'll take care of  whatever you have on your personal or business to-do list including (but not limited to):

    • Invoicing

    • Payroll

    • Order Gifts

    • Reservations

    • Travel arrangements


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    Benefits of Hiring Our VA's

    Top 5 Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant:

    1. Flexibility in the # of hours you can hire them for

    2. More affordable than hiring a full-time or even part-time employee

    3. VA's help you complete tasks that you don't want to do or have time for

    4. VA's help you get organized, maximize your time & get bigger results faster

    5. VA's help you take some time off to breathe: Delegating tasks is one way to avoid becoming overwhelmed

    Click "Learn More" to see how much more employees are costing companies
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    How It Works

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    Step 1

    Choose the type of VA you want to work with:

    US-based or International

    Wireless Computer Accessories

    Step 2

    Select  Virtual Assistant preferences & describe the task

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    Step 3

    Within 24-48 hrs you'll have a dedicated Virtual Assistant ready to complete your tasks

    Based Where Needed 

    Our virtual assistants are conveniently located based on your preferences. They may be located in the U.S or elsewhere. You pick😊


    The vast majority of our virtual assistants have college degrees & extensive experience.

    100% Remote

    Lower your overhead costs by hiring a virtual assistant.

    Other Benefits:

    • Less/no office space expenses

    • No employment taxes

    • No paid time off


    Our virtual assistants are dedicated to working efficiently & professionally to help you with all your tasks. Their main goal is to save you time & do the tasks right.

    Why Virtual Assistants Now?

    Vetted Assistants

    We vet all of the assistants that work with our clients. We keep the highest standards for personal assistants that are part of Virtual Assistants Now.

    Hire Flexibility

    Hire affordable & experienced virtual assistants to do the tasks that you need help with.

    • Flexible Plans

    • No big monthly obligations, simply book the type of help you need


    Get access to qualified VA's quickly at an affordable price.

    • With our flexible plans and VA options we have options for clients of all budgets

    • Pause, Increase, Decrease plans anytime

    • Just select the type of plan you need and details about the project & we'll match you with a VA that meets your criteria


    + dozens of other softwares & online tools

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    Dating Coach

    “wow wow! An excellent job was done. My VA is super efficient and extremely talented. We will definitely hire her again.”

    — Jennifer, Coach

    Confident Businessman

    "As a busy professional I'm always looking for ways to be more productive. I stumbled across Virtual Assistants Now & haven't looked back since. My VA is exceptional & their platform is like none other. I get to easily add tasks for my VA to do & track the progress. One of my favorite features is the time tracking tool they have so I can see exactly how long my VA took to do each task. It's so easy & transparent. 100% recommend."

    — Gabriel, Recruiter



    Virtual Assistants Now provides you with a virtual assistant for the type of help you need & for as long as you need.

     Collaborations & Partners 

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