Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost to hire a VA?

It depends on the type of plan you have: Prices will vary depending on if your assistant is located in the US vs Internationallly, skills & experience, desired rate/budget. Below are the rate ranges: International VAs: $6-$13/hr US-Based VAs: $15-$40/hr You can tell us your rate preferrence and we will try our best to match you with an assistant that is skilled with what you need help with and within the rate range you are requesting. If you have questions you can also connect with a success manager click here.

How will I get billed?

Once you accept the assistant we match you with, you'll get billed.

What if I have questions about my subscription/order/billings?

Please email orders@virtualassistantservicesnow.com

How can I cancel my monthly subscription?

To cancel your subscription for the following months please email orders@virtualassistantservicesnow.com . You must cancel at least 1 business day prior to your renewal date for the cancellation request to go through. If you request a cancellation 1 business day prior, you may still get charged, but a cancellation request/refund will be made (for this instance only). All other sales are final. If we receive your cancellation request after the renewal date, we will cancel your subscription for the following months' charges, but not for the current month's charge. When making your booking please also let us know if you only need your VA for a one-off project instead of ongoing so that you'll only be charged once

What's your refund policy?

All sales final & are not eligible for a refund. Hours rollover until you use them (up to a 3 month period and thereafter any unused hours expire).

Do My Unused Hours Rollover?

It depends on the type of plan/project you select, if you select an ongoing monthly plan, any hours that are unsused are rolled over to the following month. Some assistants charge a flat rate for specific projects, and in that case the rate is fixed, and you will be charged the same regardless of how many hours it takes to complete the project. Hours do not rollover as these flat rate projects are not based on hours, but in a completed project. You will always know what type of plan you've selected prior to paying. Keep in mind you can always pause, increase or cancel plans as needed. Please Note: Most VAs will have monthly minimum hours you must work with them in order to accept you as a client, the minimum is typically 20 hours/month for international VAs (about 1 hr/day M-F), and 10 hour/month minimum for a US-based VA.

Are there minimum hour requirements?

Yes, International VAs have a minimum hour requirement of 20 hours/month (which equals to about 1 hr/day M-F) US-Based VAs have minimum hour requirements of 10 hours/month. Keep in mind these are very low hour requirements, and you may at any time pause, increase or cancel services.

Working With My VA

What's the Process of Hiring & Working with a VA?

It's a simple 3 step process: Step 1: Select the type of VA you'd like to work with US vs International, let us know about your preferred skills and experience your VA should have, and an hourly rate range you'd like or budget you'd like to stick with. Step 2: Within 24-48 business hours we'll match you with an assistant that meets your criteria. Step 3: Once you accept your assistant and your plan you can start working with your assistant directly.

How do I communicate with my VA?

You can communicate with your VA via our platform workspace: ClickUp.

Does My VA Work on Holidays?

Please note everyone deserves some time to spend with family and loved ones. Please do not expect your VA to work on major holdiays including (but not limited to): New Years Eve, New Year's Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Chistmas Eve, Christmas. Your virtual assistant may also have other personal holidays within their country, and they will communicate when they will not be available for those days. Your assistant may work during holidays at their discretion, but are not required to.

After I request my VA to do a task how long should I expect the task to be done?

At least 24 business hours (excluding holidays and weekends). Please schedule your tasks accordingly.

What if I need my VA to do a task immediately/today?

If you need emergency VA services (that were not scheduled at least 24 business hours ahead of time), you have the option to add a "Same Day Service" for an additional $25 fee + the # of hours your VA works. If your virtual assistant is not available, we will assign another VA to do the task for you. Please make sure to have available instructions for your fill-in VA. -For Same Day Service requests please email: orders@virtualassistantservicesnow.com

Can My VA handle sales?

No. Your VA does not manage sales calls to close business for you. They can qualify prospects, set appointments with leads and clients, do follow-up calls/email, and other important tasks that may help you close business.

About Your VA

How do you qualify your assistants?

We do not accept any assistant into Virtual Assistants Now. We do a thorough resume review, we interview the assistants, ask for work samples, references and test their capabilities before we have them help our clients. Quality is important to us. If for any reasonn you have an assistant that is not meeting your standards, please let us know ASAP and we'll take quick action to communicate with the assistant, and offer a replacement VA if needed.

Where Are "Virtual Assistants Now" VA's located?

Assistants are US-based and Worldwide. They all speak English. We guarantee English speaking VA's, but if you have other language preferences please let us know and we'll try our best to assign you with a VA that also speaks your preferred language.

About Us

What are the benefits of working with "Virtual Assistants Now" VAs?

1) No required long-term commitments 2) Pause or Cancel Monthly Selected Pacakges Anytime 3) Affordable service rates 4) Easy checkout process 5) U.S. based VA with high quality standards 6) Quality Verfied: We do background checks on every VA, and thouroughly interview and qualify for your specific project 7) You save time from interviewing dozens of VA's just to find out their rates are not reasonable or don't meet your requirements. 8) Save time & money: Get projects done faster while saving money. The cost of hiring someone on staff is much higher than hiring a virtual assistant. Using a VA cuts down on your overhead as well as any employee benefits, taxes, and insurance you would normally be responsible for with on staff employees. 9) You always have a back-up VA in our team who will get your projects completed. Never worry about a VA abandoning your project mid-way & you having to scramble to do it yourself or having to find someone else to do it. We got you covered.

What is "Virtual Assistants Now"?

Virtual Assistants Now is a company that provides virtual assistant services for the busy entrepreneur who wants to save time and money. Our virtual assistant services help you get tasks done faster ultimately helping you achieve your goals more quickly while saving money from not hiring a full time employee. Virtual Assistants Now is perfect for when you need help with personal and business tasks, but don't necessarily need or have the budget for a full-time employee. It's easy working with us. All you have to do is book the # of hours you need, describe the task, VA preferences, and due date. We'll take care of the rest and within 24-48 hours you'll have a VA reaching out to get your tasks completed.

Tracking Time

What if I don't use all the VA hours I book in a given month?

Your hours rollover indefinitely if you have an on ongoing plan. Hours expire after 3 months of being unused. Please note some assistants charge a fixed rate for certain projects, meaning the rate is the same regardless of the # of hours spent. Hours do not rollover for fixed rate projects as these are based on project completion not hours.

Can my Virtual Assistant be "On-Call" and only count hours when he/she answers incoming calls?

No. Virtual Assistants are not "on-call" ; they must know when you need service coverage since they are working with other clients/projects and may not be able to best service you if they don't know when calls will be coming in. Recommendation: If you need them to be available to answer incoming calls, please indicate the hours you will need them to be available (and time zone). If your call volume is low, you may have your virtual assistant do other tasks during the time they are not answering incoming calls. We recommend you request your virtual assistant to cover your incoming calls during peak call hours.

Is Time Tracked?

Yes, every task done for you is tracked by your matched virtual assistant.

Are hours counted towards specific training I want my VA to go through?

All of the assistants in our platform already come with experience. VAs are matched based on your preferred skills/experience so when an VA is matched you can feel comfortable knowing that you won't have to spend endless hours training your assistant. You may need to guide your assistant with how you like things done, and your style, but for the most part you won't have to worry about that. If for any reason you find yourself training your assistant for something other than they were assigned for, those hours will be counted towards your time. You may have more than one assistant with different skillsets. This may help get projects done quicker as they will already have experience with what you need help with.

Will My VA track time when we speak together about tasks?

Yes, communication counts towards your time as they are spending their time to work on your projects. To make the best use of your VA's time, please make sure to have the available resources (logins, passwords, scripts...etc) ready for your VA to do your tasks efficiently.