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 Virtual Assistant Features:

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What Can Your Recruiting Virtual Assistant Do?


  • Your VA will call candidates, gauge interest & qualify with your script

  • Set-up Appointments into your calendar with pre-qualified candidates


  • Outreach to potential recruiting clients to help generate new leads via social media platforms

  • Set up appointments with interested business leads

  • Qualify leads via phone call, email or landing page.

  • Send orientation materials to converted leads


  • Into your calendar or your corporate client's calendar

  • Reschedule appointments when needed with clients & leads



  • Check-in to review status of candidates

  • Follow-up with no-shows

  • Follow-up with interested candidates & send next steps material

  • Request needed documents


  • Add notes & key information about your candidates

  • Update contact info.

  • Update candidate status

  • Update candidate interest


  • Enter data information to keep your systems updated

  • Analyze Data to review results

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Delegate to your virtual assistant so you can focus on your most important work!

Close Qualified Candidates & Clients With Your Recruiting Virtual Assistant
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Prospecting is the lifeline of your business. If you have no new client leads in the pipeline, you may be relying on your current clients to generate sales, but they are not guaranteed especially as other recruiting agencies  and new "Do it yourself" recruiting softwares like Indeed & Ziprecruiter compete with you.

For this reason you have to continue to prospect, even your own clients.


Prospecting is time consuming, but very necessary for recruiting agencies.

This can be hard to achieve when you are working on the resume sourcing and busy focused on filling job orders among other tasks.

Having the help of a virtual assistant can help you focus on your current job orders + your virtual assistant can continue to prospect, fill your calendar with interested clients & keep you focused on the work that matters like...closing deals & generating great results for your clients.

Your assistant can call your client leads, qualify them, put them in a lead nurture campaign, set-up appointments, do client followup, and help with the onboarding.

Whatever you need help with whether on the client side or candidate side your personal assistant will help you manage more projects and scale your business.

The best part is that working with your assistant is flexible. You can work with him/her as suits your needs. This includes pausing services & continuing when you need them.

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Did you know that about 80% of sales require at least 5 follow-ups?

That's why following up is crucial to your recruiting sales process. As a recruiter you typically have 2 sides to sell: 1) The Client (company) 2) Candidates.

Both require thorough follow-up.

Reaching & securing the right candidate may be a time consuming, but well worth task. 

Now multiply that times numerous clients, that means you have to manage hundreds of emails, connect with dozens of candidates, and coordinate the best ones to interview with your clients.

It can be challenging to do this especially when you are a 1  person or smaller recruiting agency.

Luckily you have access to our virtual assistants that'll take care of the follow-up for you.

Your virtual assistant can contact your candidates & follow-up with them quickly via a preferred form of communication which may include call, text or email.

The ability to follow-up with candidates in a timely manner is crucial because if another recruiting agency contacts your ideal candidate, they may be inclined to work with them instead, if they feel they can better lead them through the process.


Your trusted assistant will continuously check the status of your candidates and help move them along your pipeline. 

Your virtual assistants will also call your older leads to gauge their tax needs, and to keep you at the top of their minds should they need your services down the road.


Filter based on project need

Go to our Pricing page, and filter the perfect assistant for you based on your projects/tasks needs along with skills, availability, country origin, rate and other requirements that your VA must have.

*You may also schedule a call with a Virtual Assistants Now team member who can find the best fit based on your needs.


Resources & Preparation

Once you book the VA that you most fits your criteria, your selected VA will reach out to you via your preferred method to get request needed resources and information needed to get started.



Your VA will get started on your projects, and keep you updated on the progress of each task.

*You can select to keep working with your VA on a monthly basis or on a one-off basis. No long-term commitments.